About Don Alejandro's

We have been in the fine flavor and foods industry since 1968, when our founder, Alejandro Guzman Stein, did his studies in agriculture in the food production and
processing, then started in the beef packing industry in Costa Rica, Honduras and Texas.  At the same time was responsible for several parts of his family
Pharmaceutical Industry, which tought him the details on aseptics and natural preservation.

Don Alejandro's Chimichurri production started as a social and economic project to get  a real quality Chimichurri that did not go black nor lost the flavor.  Came with
the best and most versatile steak sauce, also garlic bread spread, scampi sauce and more aplications for the same sauce.  No mess no stress, is what you really
will think after tasting this gold medal award winer sauce.

The hearts of palm, also known in Florida and the south as cabbag\ge palm or swamp cabbage, considered a delicatesen world wide, is produced with the most
strict European production standards and global certifications, most of it in an outstanding farm with all natural practices.

Don Alejandro's imports and distributes Demasa palmito division, the worldwide specialist in hearts of palm, this is due to the fact that since its creation it has
been the leader in production and technological development. There are more than
30 years dedicated exclusively to the humble chore of offering the best products
and services, looking for production methods both agricultural and industrial that go in harmony with the social needs of our time. This is how our production is
based on systems that benefit the environment by eliminating all pesticides, minimizing the use of chemicals and diminishing continuously the use of non-
renewable fuels.

We decided to embark in the cultivated palmito industry, for which it established the first in the world cultivated areas of the “bactris gasipaes” palm, these were
located in Costa Rica, Central America. Since then we have focused our efforts in the investigation and development in new agricultural and industrial technologies,
in order to support our continuous improvement philosophy; this one of the many ways that we are able to provide a fresher, natural, succulent and sophisticated

Our people are still the pillar of our development which generates 600 direct jobs and more than 3000 indirect. For this reason for our company and each one of us
who work here rests a huge responsibility in the adventure that started 30 years ago to continue creating jobs and human development in one of the least developed
areas of Costa Rica.

Demasa Palmito Division in order to provide better service to its customers has established a production plant in Ecuador, this is how in close cooperation with our
plant in Costa Rica we have a production capacity of over 2 million cases per year, which is 50% of the World market.

Our hearts of palm are sold in many places of the World, hmong them: France, Spain, Belguim, Germany, USA, Italy, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Morrocco, Chile,
Lebanon, and some other countries.


The total satisfaction of our customers is the norm of every one of our decisions, actions that we perform. To this effect we are immersed in a
continuous improvement of our products, services which constitutes our daily chores.
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About Us
Our Values:

• Passion for our customers.
• Passion for our people.
• Passion for quality in
everything that we do.
• Passion for excellence.
Our Mission:
Our passion made hearts of palm for
the world.
Our passion: is all our effort focused on
the compromise to serve our customers
with products of the highest quality,
while being responsible towards nature,
and being socially responsible through
an improvement process and
development of our people.
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